"Nadia Stieglitz’ s work is remarkable in both content and form. She uses clay in an innovative way that expresses itself in beautiful biomorphic forms and sensual surfaces. Her organic curvaceous shapes are perfected by the curvaceous lines, muted colors and glazes she applies. Experiencing her work brings to mind:: A thing of beauty is a joy forever." L. Cool

"Nadia, Your artwork, photos, ideas, style, breadth and depth of creativity is so comprehensive. You are truly talented in so many, many ways. I feel honored to Be part of this process of Facilitating your talents and expression. With admiration and awe. Best, E. " 

"I had a ride on your blog last night and I really enjoyed it. Insight, inspiration, imagination, art, feelings, and all the words in English to translate words as sensitivity, strength, delicacy, observation, infinitely insignificant becoming very significant, expressive, .... I can not wait to see this on a gallery wall one of these days. " "Great paintings and photos. All this skill and inspiration made me think, and dream. Hold on, keep on Creating, you are an artist!"

"The material is extremely interesting. Your drawing trait impresses me, I've always wanted to learn to draw." "I think your really nice blog. undeniable artistic qualities I recognize all your talent and arabesques color and the unusual backdrop. well done !!!! the imaging of your diary is a very high level of poetry. a note of melancholy, an in-between borders, and the game of the past-present that intermingle .. for those who know you, it's moving. "CA 

"... Your work is so beautiful and moving and funny and So Many Things. i hope you do-have a show somewhere. i would love to see it all in person though the pictures of the work all look great in your blog. so cool to learn about a person this way. thanks for showing me. i look forward to showing anna as well. "EV 

"It is very late, yet I have to write you to tell you my admiration for your" productions ". From brushstrokes photos you bring forth a dreamlike world, tormented and rich in émotions. La letter is signal, the sign becomes history, the word escapes his logic. insignificant matter of you extraies life into banality you reveal the unusual. the object becomes animated, the mineral pare plant reflections, the plant is wallowing in a riot of colors and shades, organic synthetic freezes, the artifact acquires a soul. Your look is incisive, cutting these strange and fantastical shapes, and corrosive enough to produce these shades of rust or diffract these bursts of light that mark confusing your murmur (because you are still discreet, almost shy in your expression, despite the strength and relevance of your eyes). your hands the camera is a laser , a brush, a pencil, a pen. your look is that of a painter, composer, graphic designer, from the editor, reporter, both trades and know-how already in one person. you opened my eyes to the everyday object, detailed or monumental on the town with its nooks and facades on the poetry of shapes and colors in the wild. I thank you for making me discover a world I did not know. do not give up, you have a lot of talent. thousand kisses "