Nadia Stieglitz is a French-born artist based in Charleston, South Carolina, whose career in publishing and creative consultancy over the last three decades has taken her to Paris, London and New York. In 2008, her desire to revisit her artistic inclinations led her to study painting at the Art Students League with Bruce Dorfman, photography at the International Center of Photography, and graphic design at the School of Visual Arts. Since 2019, her self-taught venture into the three-dimensional medium of clay has allowed her to explore her sensibility for natural textures and anthropomorphic shapes, capturing the intricacies at the intersection of art, nature and human form. 

A look at her sculptures evokes a multitude of emotions, inviting debate and interpretation among the viewers. Through the juxtaposition of ethereal shapes, raw textures and complex patterns, she creates a world for viewers to enter and explore, and to engage with shapes that capture the soothing nature of the feminine.